Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A new adventure!

I just have to tell you how thankful I am for you! That you take the time to read my blog and leave encouraging comments.  You really brighten my day and I greatly appreciate it!

I am super excited to share with you all that I will be making some huge drastic changes in my life and also with Galli Bottom Designs.  When I say drastic maybe they really aren't so much but it feel like it to me! I will be revealing little changes over the next two weeks and hope you will join in on this little adventure of mine (oh and pray I don't drive my hubby insane! HEHE!)

On Sunday (or really all weekend) I was sharing with my hubby once again my hopes and dreams for our life and the future! I told him my (on of many) business plans (if you need one let me know.... I'm usually swarming with them) and how "it's what my heart really wants to do" and "I've been praying about it."  My supportive husband says "go for it!" Yes, I knew deep down he would say it! He has always told me to follow my dreams.  I then rebutted with "what if it doesn't work?" or "what if I fail?" (I hate how human nature always has this negative little bird in your ear telling you, you can't, you'll fail or what if!) He says "go for it!" Well okay then!  I then laid in bed all night wide awake, talking to God.  I asked Him to give me a vision, designs and an edge.  Well, all I have to say is be careful what you ask for, I spent all night tossing in turning, unable to shut of my brain, I took notes so when I finally fell asleep at 11 am I wouldn't forget all the goodies in my head! (FYI counting sheep, counting backwards from 100 by 3s and random other counts... DO NOT WORK! at least not for me!)

So financially we are in no position to give up my pay completely so I have decided on a part time job (somewhere) and full-time new business.  I am thankful for a hubby who is working two jobs so that we have a little extra spending money by the way! He truly is an amazing man! We have talked about this and the biggest pro is that I will be able to work my schedule around his and we will be able to see each other more!

Glad we don't know what lies ahead on this road of life... otherwise we may forget to live!
I'm excited for this new adventure in our life as well as a little scared!  It will not be an easy adventure by any means but I feel like if I don't go for it (even if it doesn't work out) I will wonder what could have been!

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  1. I am so proud of you! I knew you wiuld come to the right decision!!