Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Supportive Husbands

I know if you read half my post most of them mention something about how wonderful my husband is... no it's not to throw it in anyone's face or to say "look at what I got!" The reason I share the wonderful things my husband does and is to me is to let everyone who doesn't have that support and love from a man in their lifes that there are good guys out there.  I think often times all we hear from our girlfriends, the news, and some other people in our lifes is negativity about men.  Well not all men are bad! Some are wonderful amazing people and they automatically get a bad rap from the no so awesome men out there.  I've been in a relationship in the past that was not so swell... not so bad as what others have delt with but just not I wanted for the rest of my life.  Then for what seemed like forever I was single.  I mean considering I didn't date anyone until I was 19 says a lot all for its self.  (Not that dating is bad, I just was more into church than friday night dates.)  I have dated one man (dated for 6 months) and then (a year later) met the man I would marry and call my husband.  Our relationship has not always been peachy... its never been bad but there were days when we just weren't the better half we wanted to be.  Since the dating part and the marriage came to be we have still continued to have rough patches, but we work them out.  (I think the working them out has defined our relationship more than anything and we spend more and more time talking, which has greatly improved everything together!) The not so lovely part of our relationship was the night before my grandma passed away in march.  We had an arguement about who knows what (I seriously dont remember now so I'm pretty sure it meant nothing!) and I was so upset that I slept on the couch.  Early that morning while I was sleeping (on the couch) my dad called me to tell me that my beloved grandma had passed away after a long battle with a doctor's error.  I then continued to be mad and upset because my husband wasn't there supporting me.  Ever since then we havent went to bed mad or upset, for the simple fact that you never know what tomorrow will bring and I cant imagine going through anything without my husband by my side regardless of what the world throws at us. (I shared this so you would know) We dont have a perfect relationship by any means.  We love each other and other than that everything else is just that... Everything else.  Our relationship is seperate... from our finances, our home, our cars and our jobs... they don't mix or mess with our relationship.  We do talk about all those other things and share it all but we have agreed that its not what makes us who we are, nor do we want our lives to be defined by those things.

With all that being said... supportive men are out there (if you are single) and if you are in a relationship just know its not supposed to be perfect (how boring would that be?!) and if you have been married for years and years where's your blog telling us all how to get to that point?!  

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  1. Support and love fuel great marriages!! Congrats to you and yours.... we seem to have gotten it right!!!