Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

Woke up early today to work on homework before two test tonight in my two classes. Although when I looked out our patio door the weather seemed to portray a different scenario, I would not be going to class tonight or rather I would not be going anywhere. Luckily Alex doesnt have to go into work until 5 so this snow day has been filled with extra time spend with my hubby! Making spaghetti for lunch because well we have nothing else to make in our house. I knew going to the grocery only when I needed something was going to catch up to me. I guess I need to start planning ahead a little bit, but on the other hand atleast everything I make is fresh. Chicken Picante w/ brown rice and homemade bread is better with fresh ingredients than with stuff bought a week prior... so maybe I'll just watch the weather and prepare for snow days by buying a few extra items for meals. I have been cooking a lot lately, which has been healthier and easier on the wallet. Its been nice spending the extra time with my love as well!

To everyone else who has a snow day.... ENJOY! :)

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