Saturday, January 9, 2010


Young children believe that a kiss from their mommy or daddy on their booboo will magically heal it, however somewhere along life's journey we learn that the pain doesn't go away with kiss from a loved one. My theory is that the kisses heal because the child believes that it heals. What if we lived our lives and believed that a kiss could change the world? Make the day go a little slower when we are spending time with loved ones, would make cancer and illness disappear, even just make a special moment last a moment or two longer, or even just a small kind word from a stranger... How much more wonderful would life be? If what we believe is who we are when did we become bitter people with no desire to help anyone unless it benefitted us in some way? Is this the way we want the babies who will be adults tomorrow to view our generation? Full of hate and anger with very little love and ambition? I am a firm believer that children reap what we sow, they become who their parents raised them to be. I realize that there is a large number of people who become great in spite of their parents but what about all the others who act just like their angry at the world parents?

Life is short, share more kisses and kind words and a little less bitter angry actions and thoughts!

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