Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time management

Working two jobs makes the need for good time management a high priority in my life. Loving what I do makes going to work not such a downer but missing my husband isn't something I anticipate ever getting used to. With him working an 9-5 job it allows us more time together in the evenings before I go to work which is wonderful.

When contemplating going back to school for my BSN the decision became really easy that it needed to be something I could do that wouldn't interfere with my family time, because through everything my family is my number one priority. So thus the decision has been made it would be an online BSN program to allow me that time I need with my one and only.

Not sure how well ill be able to manage my time when I am working two jobs and going to school.

How do you manage your time when all your time you're busy??

Much love!

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