Monday, August 1, 2011

The last two weeks...

Have kind of been blurry!  I think it all began on a late night run to DQ and then well here I am today almost two weeks later not sure exactly what is going on.  I work... a lot... and when I do not work I sleep, that's what working nights does to me!  Then one day I woke up and Alex quit his present job for his new job, which I guess would now be his present job.  Along with this present job came a week away from him.   Now I'm beginning to question this new job, but well I know its more his cup of tea than his past job so I support it... just not so supportive of the packed bags and missing pillow from the other side of my bed.  Although, I know he's just an hour away and it's nice that he gets to stay with his brother while he is in Indy taking this class, I just am selfish and miss my husband!

So we decided one way to fix this whole not seeing each other bit is I should join him on my only night off in Indy, which happens to be Wednesday and happens to be my only night off until Monday (sometimes I question my career choice)!! Which he also promised Outback and a movie of my choosing and a hotel with a pool/hot tub... he sure knows how to bribe me!

Roxy misses daddy and refuses to leave my side, and barks at 7 in the morning because that's when daddy usually takes her out! I do believe he's slacking on his responsibilities!

In the meantime... I'm addicted to "Words with friends" on my phone! Thanks so much Natasha for sharing it with me...  :)  I even believe it's time for Alex to use his upgrade so he can play too!

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