Saturday, August 6, 2011

Four little words

You know those times when you promised you would never do something... then BAM... you do exactly what you said you wouldn't?

When I arrived in Indy on Wednesday I arrive to my husband drenched with sweat and on the verge of an anxiety attack. It's not the first time I have experienced this however it's not at all what I expected that day.  I had talked to him prior to my arrival and all was well, so what could have happened between the 30 minute drive to where he was?! A telephone call... from his lovely rents.  Seems pretty innocent to me until I realize that once again the phone call was not normal... if normal even exist for that situation.   So as my husband is telling me everything my mood is drastically changing... I was happy and excited to see the man I love to being upset and angry.  There's just a part of me that can't stand my family being hurt or upset.  That's when it happened... I said four words I promised my husband I would never say... "It's me or them!"  It just slipped out, but once it was out it was out... and I didn't regret saying it... I had enough of dealing with the verbal abuse and harrassment my husband was experiencing... enough worrying about my husbands health just to have extra stress added when they have no clue and aren't around to see it. We've made a life together and what we do and who we see is 100% our choices to make.  I will always feel that way!

So the promise I made 3 years ago I broke... said what I never intended to say... I haven't taken it back yet, figure I need to contemplate the situation a little longer before I retract or stick to my statement!

Ugh! Much love!

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