Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Way back when..

Well maybe not so long ago, approximately 2 years we were in counseling with our pastor preparing for our marriage.  We did these worksheets where we talked about the things we loved about the other person and then the less desirable things.  On Alex's list was my persistence AKA nagging! On my list was movie quotes.  Yes, I know! That sounds crazy that the things that drove me crazy the most while we were planning our wedding and our lives together was that he quoted movies like ALL THE TIME!  Now over the past year and some odd months the occurrence of movie quotes have slowed down, not stopped in any way but it is getting better.  There's just so many "why so serious?" or "I am Iron Man!" quotes any woman in their right mind can deal with, but yeah I love him so I deal with it! Sometimes I don't think he quite knows he's doing it! Last night he quoted "I am gay" from a television commercial.  Now I wasn't paying attention to the TV at all so when he said that I couldn't help but to laugh at it!  I guess it was for some new show on TV Land but I don't think my husband will be living that down for a while and I think my case for the quotes to end has been won with three simple words!

Oh how far we've come since those mornings with Pastor Tom! If only we knew then what we know now.... we probably would have drove each other crazy way before now but we would still be in love!

Now where can I buy a reminder sign that says "I am gay!" so I never have to hear another movie quote?! Ohhh bummer we seen Green Lantern today... so I guess a whole new set of movie quotes are waiting to be revealed! But, A wife can hope tho, right?!

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