Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm so ready for some changes! I love where I am right now so I'm not really sure what those changes will entail. 

Maybe it's not really changes that I need... maybe just a vacation will do the trick... who knows?

Is it time for Oregon?



St. Louis?

Ugh.... seems like forever until one of those get here but I know the weekend in Cinci will be here before we know it... others are far off.... like September and October... Poor Oregon still has yet to be scheduled but I know it will be here soon! :)

I'm thinking we need a trip to the beach in there too! I'll have to talk Alex into that one, but maybe....

On another note...

I know everything happens for a reason, sometimes it's to teach us something about ourselves or so we know what to do in those situations.  Sometimes it's scary and other times its all you can do not to laugh at what just happened.  I tend to be the one who's laughing... just who I am, however, when it's the one I love it scares me to death!  So thankful everything is ok now tho!

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  1. Mom was fitted! So now we just need the money for the ticket and we can get it scheduled!! I'm soo excited!

    What happened!!??

    I love you guys!