Saturday, June 4, 2011


It happens... not always in the way we planned or wanted but we always get exactly what we need.  I usually try to see the good in everyone.  I don't usually let things get to me.  I usually don't care what other people think about me.  This past week has been the exact opposite of those things.  I believe that I needed to realize that some people are just bad people, there's no reason why they are the way they are, its just their nature.  I believe that everyone can change but I'm learning at some point it better to let go and move on than to continue to hope for a change that they do not feel they need.  I have cried this week about things that don't matter.  I think that God wanted me to let it out.  My husband has seen me cry 4 times since being together... when Faith passed away because I knew my best friend was hurting, when my grandma passed away and the other two were due to his parents... I don't cry, its not who I am.  However, I was at my limit and needed to let it out and afterwards felt much much better.  I'm not the type of person who cares what people think about me, I mean I am a people pleaser for the most part but I don't really care what they thing because I know they don't think often of other people because everyone else has they own lives to live!  It had been bothering me that the relationship with the in laws was truly at its breaking point.  I needed to say my peace and move that part of the issues out of my life.  In doing that the breaking point arrived with vengeance and it is now completely over.  I will not allow anyone to come between the relationship my husband and I have.  It's just not worth it and I have seen the results of what happens when parents get too involved in their kid's marriage and never has it had a positive outcome!

On another note, things seem to be turning around, slowly but surely! We are truly happy where we are and it's getting better every day! I have been working 3rds lately so our time together has been getting cut short but the time we spend together is always amazing, plus I have tonight off! :)

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