Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pet Peeves

We all have them, whether we admit to it or not.  I have a few none of which drive me crazy more than the other but share an equal amount of annoyance, unless I get them all at once or in a short period of time, in that case you might just want to leave the room for a bit.

1. I hate spitting, I think its rude and disgusting.  I don't know why in the world anyone would feel the need to repetitively do this.  Once in a great while, I can handle it but I just think its nasty!

2.  When people tell me to "Calm down!" I consider myself to be a laid back person, not so much as other people I know but I usually don't get all upset and bothered by the day to day things.  I will not be walked all over but that's not a common occurrence either.

3.  When people read my blog to be all in our business when they aren't a part of our lives.  Now I realize this is a public blog but here's the little thing... I don't care who reads it just don't call and bother Alex if you want to know something that we didn't bother to share with you for a reason!  I don't like it when people read anything in general just to be nosey and then ask about it later... really? If it pertained to you, we would share... promise!

4.  When I know I'm right and you argue with me only to find out I was right.  Just the other day I was driving someplace and I said "I'll turn at the first stop sign" only to hear the response "no, that's not right, you have to keep going!" my reply "wanna bet?!" So I continued to drive to the first stop sign only to hear "Ohh that's right!" Seriously, I have a good sense of direction and my dad taught me to drive! REALLY, I do know where I'm going and if I don't, I can drive in the general direction and find my way after all!

5. People who don't know how to drive and or follow road signs and laws.  They are there for a reason... promise!

Those are my only pet peeves... none of which can ruin my day and can laugh about later but drive me crazy for a moment or two!

Much Love!

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