Thursday, May 12, 2011

Life is good

It seems like forever since I've taken the time to blog. Life has been busy lately but mostly free of stress which I am enjoying and getting used to. Alex and I are all settled in and enjoying the quietness of the country.  Living with my parents has been a blessing and I am so thankful for loving supportive parents.

I'm officially a nurse. Passed my nclex-pn exam on the 6th of May. I was so thankful to have it over and it to be short and sweet.  The job interviews have officially begun and I'm excited for what the future holds.  Pray that I make the right decision when choosing what job to accept and that I'll be where I'm supposed to learn and grow as a nurse.

Alex is enjoying his job here.  Its the same as before just a different location which is more country than my poor hubs is used to but its growing on him.  He is almost finished with his masters degree and I am so proud of everything he does and the man he is and I know he can't wait to not have to do homework! Anyone who has been married and a student and worked you know exactly how difficult it is to balance everything but it somehow always seems to fit together.

Its hot! I'm ready for snow and I know its just the beginning of hot weather! So thankful for air conditioners and a cool breeze! I forgot what it was like to mow and how long it takes and the importance of sunscreen when mowing! So my 3 hour mowing adventure on Monday is still with me through my reddened skin but its slowly fading to less painful normal skin tone!  I bought sunscreen after the fact but I have once again learned my lesson!

Now for some family time :) Happy Thursday!

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