Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What would it take for us to pick up and move?

This writing prompt is rather significant in our life at the moment.  As my nursing program comes to an end we are discussing the possibilities we have available as we do not have anything tying us here to Cincinnati other than wonderful friendships and happy memories... us both being ready for a change and to be closer to family it's the right time for us.

We are working out plans for the move and still discussing our best options for a successful transition and happiness.  At the moment all signs lead to home.  I was always a firm believer that once a child leaves home they should stay gone, but as my life changes being home has never sounded more appealing.  Alex surprising enough is all for this move and that makes me feel that it could be the best next step.  The number one appeal is to be closer to family but the second biggest appeal is to be able to save a more significant amount of money before purchasing our first home.  The negative appeals would be the commutes we would both have to indy for our careers but it would only be a stepping stone fo 6 to 9 months, which seems rather short in the big picture of things.

So back to the question what would it take for us to pick up and move?
New jobs in Indianapolis. Big moving trucks and a couple strong men. Tissues and hugs.

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