Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We now have a mandatory attendance policy at school for our classes... so that means I cant even be late to any scheduled lecture... which means I have been up since 630 am on Tuesday and it is now 10:00 pm on Wednesday! I did take two one hour naps so that helped a tad, but I do believe my grouchiness is getting on my own nerves so I can only imagine what my husband thinks.  He's pretty amazing though and doesn't complain because he sees what all I have going on between school, work, clinicals, studying and just life in general he puts up with a lot!

So here's my rant... mandatory attendance is totally completely ok with me... here's where my issues come in.  An all or nothing policy is setting everyone up for failure.  If I am 5 minutes late she will count me absent for the entire day.  Two days = ok.  The third day you lose a letter grade.  The fourth two letter grades.  Hmm... and this is because you want us to pass the NCLEX?! Really... I don't learn in a classroom setting.  I learn better on my own.  Everyone learns differently and being in nursing we are supposed to understand the different learning styles of others.

Thank God I only have three weeks left as of this Friday!

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  1. My professors don't have an attendance policy, they say I am the one paying for the class if I can pass and miss a few days ... then that;s my choice.... another reason why i love the opportunity to take online classes!