Saturday, February 5, 2011


I see it time and time again... parents thinking they know what's best for their adult children! It makes me crazy, I promise it does and my husband laughs because he's never seen the world from my perspective.

My perspective:
Fill their ears with lies in which they believe because its from their perfect little child, who would never lie to them on purpose, and they willingly believe the nonsense and then continue to try to fix anything that could possibly be not so perfect but its is all based on lies!!

To the parents are you that naive and does it really matter?

To the adult children.... GROW UP! Mommy and daddy doesn't have to approve of the choices you make for YOUR life! Are you happy with who you are?  If you can honestly say "yes" then that's all that matters!

"Sorry mom, I never felt the need to lie to you, my bad. I'll work on that."  I may have lied about little things in the past when I was growing up and didn't want to get in trouble but those days passed a looooong time ago, I became and adult and now consider my parents friends!

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