Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's what we do as human beings. Starting from our very first moments in this world we wait, we wait to be fed, bathed and cuddled with (hopefully for most this waiting is very short until the nurses and docs stop poking and prodding), then in what seems to be a blink of the eye we begin to wait until we can move away from home and start our own lives.  We then continue to wait for the man or woman of our dreams, the perfect career, the perfect family, the perfect everything that we hope for and want in our lives.  We just wait... continually... for phone calls, for stop lights, for traffic to move, for class to be over and for seconds to pass on by to get to the moment we have been waiting for.  We wait.

If you have ever heard the line "It's about the journey, not the destination" then you will understand what I'm about to say.  What really matters is not what happens that we are waiting for but what we do while we are waiting.  As a Christian family we believe that God will always meet our needs and always hears the desires of our hearts, but that God will meet those needs on His timing not ours.  He wants us to patient as we wait and to wait with a Christian like attitude and heart.

The last part is what I struggle with, being patient and not getting a cruddy attitude when we seem to be waiting what to us is a very long time.  It will eventually happen and we are fully believing in God for it, but it is the patience part that we are struggling with at the moment, but while we wait we will serve Him.

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