Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being married is hard work.

Let me start off by saying I love my husband and our life together, but being married is hard work.  Which I was raised by parents who taught me that anything worth having in life usually takes hard work and dedication, both of which are required to have a successful marriage.  I am probably more difficult than my husband for a few reasons... I like things to be clean and uncluttered, done in a timely manner and most of all I am persistent.  He has complained of the persistence part since our premarital counseling and thus has become a joke between the two of us, but the truth of the matter is I am persistent if nothing else.  I like help with the cleaning and laundry.  When he doesn't help I become grouchy... which is not fun for anyone!  I cook for the sake of us both because frozen pizza and spaghetti Os only work a couple days a month for me.  He is difficult in the sense that "I forgot" is his favorite words and it makes me nuts, probably why I have become a list person to remove this as an option, it still hasn't worked but I'm trying.  So my list is longer than his that's for sure.  We both have a touch of OCD, procrastination and laziness at times but we seem to balance each other out for the most part.

Now if we didn't love each other in spite of our flaws we would have a difficult time getting along, but we do get along 97.5% of the time so that makes the 2.5% that we don't just a glitch in the day and go about our business.  Being married is hard work but at the end of the day there is no one else I would rather be with than my husband and that makes it all worth while in the end.  We've been through a lot already together I can't imagine what our future holds but I am thankful to him with me day after day after day!

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  1. I feel the same exact way but anything good in life has to be worked for. Marriage is so fun that it makes the hard work seem inconsequential!!!