Thursday, December 2, 2010


Yesterday's post where I said I love my husband just because?? Keep that in mind when reading the rest of this post!

I love him... I really really do! He broke my car! Yes you're reading that correctly... BROKE it! It is now fixed, thank God! However it was stressful and I didn't need it and it was broken and not running correctly and I knew it was all his fault! We are married so anything that could possibly be his fault is his fault but this was truly his and I have proof because he admitted it this morning! Well only the fly on the wall could testify to this admitted fact but I promise it is true! If something could go wrong it usually happens at the beginning of the month but that goes the other way as well... if something could go really well it happens at the beginning of the month! We rarely have a "normal" beginning to any month! I blame this on the fact that we got married in the beginning of a month! (crazy I know but its all or nothing here!) So we welcome you December and have completed the obstacle this month!

This was the last incident.... Hmm I think I am very
thankful it was just a thingy coming loose!

My car is now fixed... thank you Jiffy Lube of Eastgate, Ohio! We will be forever grateful for your expertise and quickness in that matter, as well as the discounts you so graciously give us! I have since forgiven the hubs for dropping the bar that made the thingy fall off the engine which in turn made it a very grumbly* uncooperative engine to get from point a to point b in the freezing cold! Yes I forgave him! Its a good thing I find him so irresistible!

Ohh and I also forgive him for the comments made during game night in our house last night... seems as though I am a "sore loser that can't take defeat the first time!"  I did win at monopoly the other night and one game of scrabble after I challenged him to another game after he beat me by 20 points! I may be just a little competitive and a so called sore loser! Needless to say it might be a while for another game night in the Galli house! HAHA

*Grumbly is not a word but I liked it!* Hmm maybe thats my problem with Scrabble?? I like to make up my own words!

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