Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Baby!

This is our baby! And she knows it and its pathetic but we don't have any kids so its a wonderful blessing to have this little girl in our life!  She is spoiled rotten, but so stinkin' cute how could she not be?!   She is a little bigger than the picture now but weighs a little under 8 pounds and has us both wrapped around her little paws its not even funny! Last night we went to bed and she was sound asleep on the couch so Alex came down and carried her up to bed with us.  Yes she sleeps with us, under the blankets and cuddles, it crazy we know but wouldn't trade a moment of it for anything in the universe!  She even has play dates with a friend's little man Max (he is also a Yorkie)! She is a part of our family and come the 20th we will have had her for two years!  She is our baby!

Visiting home for the first time Dec. 2008

Moved to Cincinnat Jan. 2009

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