Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just because...

It's those little moments for no apparent reason he kisses me then smiles and says I love you! Or maybe its the moments when he does something just for me like put the clean dishes away.  Maybe its because he works some days from 7a-12a without a complaint.  Maybe its because he always kisses me goodnight.  Maybe its because I just find him so irresistible. Maybe its because he makes me laugh until I cry.  Maybe its because of days like today where he sits in the Dr's office for longer than an hour just waiting for me to be seen and get on with my day.  Maybe its because he drives me places in the snow.  Maybe just maybe its just because I love him that he is the only thing on my mind right now! He's amazing and he knows it but doesn't act like it!

Goodness gracious I sure do love this man!

Board game night in the Galli house! :) I hope I win!!! HEHE


  1. You guys are too stinkin' cute. And I miss you like crazy!!!!