Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Imagine this...

Your entire family gathered around the Christmas tree (or dining table) opening presents (or eating) on Christmas day (it doesn't have to be Christmas day just a day during the holidays), Ok now imagine all the people you consider your family... who would you have sitting around the Christmas tree?

For me, I imagine Alex's side of the family as well as mine... added in with some very close friends all sitting around the dining table enjoying each other's company.  The nieces and nephew playing and getting to know one another.  The Christmas tree decorated and glowing in the living room with presents for all underneath.  We all would retire to the living room after the meal to enjoy coffee, hot chocolate and wine for those who enjoy it while opening presents and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas: Love.

Since the day I met Alex.... July 18 2007... I have always imagined our families coming together on the holidays and being united.  Three years later I have come to the conclusion that it will probably never happen and I am ok with that.  Letting go of dreams is part of growing up or at least that's what people say.  Anyways I do find it rather nice that I have a husband who allows me to dream things up and then simply says "my family isn't like yours babe" and I say "yeah, I know."  While deep inside my heart is breaking for my hubs because he didn't grow up with what I had and he hasn't seen his family in fifteen months.  As Christmastime rapidly approaches I am reminded of all this, what will not happen because its just not the way his family is.

So I open my eyes and imagine something else instead and somehow it makes me smile just because...  Christmas morning waking up with my husband by my side and roxy roo buried under the blankets, coming down stairs to our beautiful Christmas tree with presents underneath just for the two of us.  While I make us coffee and breakfast Alex gives Roxy her treats from her stocking.  We sit around our tree enjoy breakfast, our presents and most of all each other!  We then head to my parents for Christmas dinner and fun with the nieces and nephews! 

All in all, I am thankful for what I have. Someday maybe my dreams will come true but for now I am 100% content with who and what I have in my life!

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  1. every ones families are so different. I know mine and my husbands certainly are.

    Just think about how great it feels to be with your husband!!