Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a little sharing!

I did it! 7 days of workouts.. err well 5 but I made up for the distance yesterday and did 18 miles for a total of 42 for the week! After 18 yesterday I was beat to say the least, but it was well worth it to feel like I reached the goal I had set! I did miss two days working out due to Thanksgiving fun but that didn't make me not continue!

Fitness Goals for this week...
6 miles per day every day
with some weights added in (i know not really a specific and measurable goal but weights aren't my thing)
No junk! No junk food at all! No eating out! No, No, No! (Now to get the hubs on board!)

Life Goals for this week...
Being positive in all circumstances
No Stinking Thinking
Staying clutter free!

School Goals for this week....
Get all the busy work completed for my online classes
Read all the chapters for Medical Law and Ethics and complete papers
Read Cardio Chapter, memorize vocab, drugs and pathos.

Personal Goals...
Spend time with God everyday!
Iron out our Holiday plans (maybe)!

Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend! Much Love!

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