Friday, November 26, 2010

Making a list!

Today I have cleaned our house top to bottom! It looks pretty good if I do say so myself, however the office is off limits until I finishing cleaning it tomorrow! I decided I would take a break from putting our tree up to make a list of all the things on my "only if" wish list! Yes, I know Christmas is not about the presents and that is why I didn't make a real list this year, the hubs know what I want and I only asked my parents for a drain tray (I know how boring but its something I need) other than that I don't really need or want anything other than to be surrounded by family and loved ones during this time of year!

Apple IPad
Who doesn't want an Ipad this year?

This ring is just beautiful! Not sure that
I would actually wear it but WOW!

Bumblebee Camaro

I have the bumblebee shirt so it only makes
sense to have the car too! (HAHA)

This is probably by far the thing we need the most,
but not a high priority so maybe someday!

DSLR Camera
Ohhh what fun!

Ok, well that about sums up my "only if" wish list! Now back to finishing our tree, it looks like this at the moment!
It's so much prettier when its complete!

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