Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful to not be in the rain!

I just had to share that this has been a wonderful Thanksgiving! There's just something about spending the entire day with the love of my life that makes everything else a little better.  This was the first year without grandma there, it was tough and she was greatly missed but definitely not forgotten.  I made her famous dumplings and they turned out exactly the way she used to make them which is what I had hoped for, even though the recipe I received wasn't exact and my mom had to clarify exactly what grandma did they were delicious! We had an early meal and then visited with everyone for a bit before heading home.  It rained... and rained some more, but in spite of the rain we enjoyed our travels and talked a lot which is something we really needed to do together.  Home around 5 and have been watching movies, just the three of us cuddling on the couch in our pjs!

We did run to the store and I just have to mention there are people standing out in the rain all the way around Best Buy and Toys R Us! WHAT THE HECK! Its cold and rainy and people are standing outside waiting for the store to open!? Nonsense! I did my shopping online in the comfort of my nice warm home but to each their own! Someone should go sell coffee and hot chocolate!

Thankful for today!

Much love!

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