Friday, December 10, 2010

"Now you're just showing off!"

It was one of those weeks to say the least.  I still hadn't heard back about my financial aid appeal... seems as though I had reached my limit on credits and should have graduated three terms ago (too bad I have a term left after this one!), and that they felt it was no longer necessary to give me my financial aid that I had already been awarded, so I had to do a few extra steps and appeal their big fat "NO!"  To add to that stress, rent was due, ugh I do hate rent, throwing away money totally stinks! Then the "over qualified" response from my 9 minute job interview where if they would have actually read my resume and application they would have known I was "over qualified" before calling me in for an interview, me getting out of my PJ's yesterday and actually looking presentable, and driving 40 minutes there and back! (I may be a little bitter about the whole situation and I may or may not have complained to myself all the way home!)

Then I came home, checked the mail! Much to my surprise I had a check from school! I was a little concerned because last term we payed for my classes out of pocket and so I wasn't sure where the check was coming from.  I quickly logged into their website only to find out that my appeal was approved, not only for this term but that I would be getting a refund from last term as well!  Although it seems so trivial and the check wasn't even a tenth of what we payed for my classes last term, it still removed a ton of stress from my life.  I will now be able to focus on my classes and not worrying about paying for them! I called my parents first (Alex was at work) and told them that my they had approved my appeal! Then Alex came home and we rejoiced about this wonderful news together!  I also wrote the rent check so he could run it to the office when he got home.  I told him that I couldn't stop thanking God and that it was just what I needed! He agreed and ran off to pay rent!

He came back shortly and told me that he thanked God too! and said "Now you're just showing off" to God! My reply was simple! "I love it when God shows off!"

Now here's where my faith comes in! God is my first followed by my husband, family and everything else in my life! God has, is and will always be my first and foremost! (Alex, has known this from the start! and agrees God comes first!)  There has been time after time that God always pulls us through since we have been married! It always works out and in the end I feel stupid for not just trusting in my faith in knowing will not let us fall and He ALWAYS meets our needs when His timing it right.  It doesn't mean he wont let us sweat it out and use our resources but in His perfect timing all is made well again and we are stronger for the struggle!

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