Monday, December 13, 2010

Marvel and DC

When I first met the love of my life... I had no clue what was to come! I knew that he was the man I was going to marry shortly after meeting him but I had no clue that I would move from the middle of no-where to Cincinnati, that we wouldn't be surrounded by corn fields and that when it snows the road would actually be cleaned!  I also had no clue that Marvel and DC comics would infiltrate my bookcase, walls and life on such a huge level! Comics are something that Alex loves... not as much as he loves me of course but a close third I'm sure, well they might be tied with his love of movies but who knows! He reads about comics, then reads the comics, finds action figures (I might call them dolls on occasion) and then he dreams of the movie that will come out, researches so he knows all the writers, directors and whatnot involved with comics! YIKES! That alone seems like a full time job to me, be he enjoys it and I enjoy him being well rounded (I get tired of the same ole same ole all the time!) and well if he didn't like comics he probably wouldn't read very much at all and I think reading is very very important regardless of what is being read!

Since he loves them and I love him there just might be a marvel or dc overtaking occurring under our Christmas tree at this very moment! He already rescued* the DC comic music CD (yes they even have music) from under our Christmas tree! 

*Rescued means opened.... we seem to be very impatient people when it comes to having gift for each other under our tree... I might have rescued an ereader today as well.... at least we did the rescuing together! We kind tend to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas that way!

I just love this time of year!

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  1. You guys are too cute and I miss you so much! Love you all 3!!! :)