Monday, December 20, 2010

The most wonderful time of year!

Its officially Christmas week! I love it, everything about it! Love is in the air, people smile, children talk in their sweet little voices to Santa, families seem to focus on each other a little more and most of all I get to spend more time with the person I love!

Today was hectic for me.  The alarm rang at 530, Alex nudged me and said its time to get up.... I snuggled back under the comfy covers and said wake me at 6.... then at 6 the alarm went off and I did it again only this time 630... then well 630 came way to fast!   I jumped up and started my day.  Alex started the coffee and the cars for us... then got ready (he is wonderful, I know).  He had to leave a few minutes before me to get to work but before he left he poured my coffee and added the peppermint mocha cream (mmmmm, its wonderful), kissed me bye and was out the door! I then headed into traffic (I miss corn fields on my way to work), got to school and that was that for 4 hours!  After class I went to my cousins house until Alex got off.

I came home to a wonderful surprise.... Alex had planned a date night! Just what I needed! The Green Hornet (free sneak preview!) and Cracker Barrel for dinner! Some grocery shopping, not really part of the date night plan but needed to be done and he did open the car door for me!  Home to dishes and housework.... finally at 11:00 I was able to relax with my hubby and pup on the couch!

Today was a great day! Hope you had a happy Monday and are enjoying this wonderful holiday season!

Much Love!

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