Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Jungle!

Today was a wonderful day... and I didn't have to drive anywhere! YAY! Carpooling is so much fun and way better for the environment, plus I get to spend time with friends and classmates! 

We adventured to Jungle Jim's today! It is by far my favorite grocery specialty store and they have EVERYTHING! I didn't really need anything and dinner was in the crock pot so I didn't have to worry about dinner for tonight so I didn't buy much just some small items I cant buy anywhere else! My favorite part is that they also have cooking classes and items from many countries... if you want to try something from Spain or France or anywhere else for that matter, they have a special little spot just to find those things.  (Rumor has it they will be putting one in Eastgate!!! YAY!)

On a sad note... Alex and I are suffering with nasty sinus issues as a result from an overly stressful weekend, crying, and germs from kiddos... so please pray for us both because its just not fun!

Clinicals tomorrow... Now off to enjoy some yummy homemade vegi soup and flaky layer biscuits with my hubs, it will be an early night!!

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