Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Tough

Life is tough.  Things get thrown at us and it's difficult to keep pressing on 24/7/365.  I have doubts and fears and hopes and dreams, the tough part is keeping all those balanced and still giving 100% to my marriage and life... not to mention balancing school and work with all those things. I guess someday I will look back with my husband and say "wow, look how far we've come" and something that keeps me looking forward to that moment whenever it eventually comes is simple words from my husband "I want a house and 10 kids with you.  Wherever you go, I go babe.  I love you oh so much!!!!" Now I know completely sappy but that is so what I needed to hear. Sometimes it's tough going through life not sure where you will end up but all that seems to be better when you know someone has your back and will be right there with you through thick and thin!

So I keep pressing on and enjoying time with my husband and know eventually everything will work itself out for the better!

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