Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Monday!

So today is the day (or actually yesterday was) when I started my new morning routine! I woke up at 7 yesterday and went to the gym for over an hour! Yes, I'm pretty darn proud of me... it was tough with my warm husband and pup still in bed but I totally managed to kick start my workout routine! I know, I know totally not me, getting up before the sun is not my cup of tea nor will it ever be but in a month my clinical round starts at 7 and I will be leaving at 5AM! (HOLY CAMOLIE!- I think that was the first time I seen it in writing! YIKES! Keep thinking big picture!) So this is my way of kick starting getting up early and working out so that when I just have to get up and go to school I will be somewhat used to the routine minus sweat and the smell of the gym!  

Today I did however allow myself to sleep in a bit, and I enjoyed it greatly! There's just something about getting to sleep in on a Monday that makes everything wrong in the world seem a little better!  Now off to the gym and the rest of my to do list!

My list for today:
Clean, Clean and Clean some more!
Finishing my latest book... then passing it along to someone else because its that good!
Working on my book
Waiting for hubs to get home!

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday thus far and hope it continues to get better! Much Love!

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  1. You go Corrinne!!! What a way to start the week!!!