Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Ready!

I'm so ready to a new adventure! I have no idea where to, the only thing I know is that Alex is required to go! Maybe in January? It seems like so far away right now but it really isn't and we both are firm believers in the fact that the holidays are meant to be spent with family.  So it is what it is but I am so ready for an adventure with my other half, and I know that he is ready too!

On another note I just have to share how amazing my man is... He is the most gentle loving person I have ever met in my life... probably the reason I married him but more than that he works for our marriage the way that I always dreamt my husband would do.  He talks to me for hours about nothing just to be with me, tell me about his day, his hopes, his dreams! I'm the type of person to say GO FOR IT! I dont care if it seems impossible, at some point the impossible is reached if you work for what you want! I believe in his dreams no matter how small they are.  I know there are people in this world who love to say "you cant" or "what if you fail" and he has a couple people in his life who do just that, however, I am his wife and we have made this life together with God's help and no matter what I will support my husband just like he supports me!  I'm not really sure a marriage can continue to exist if there is no support of your spouse... I'm sure they do work out with one person giving up their dreams and standing in the sidelines while their other half chases their dreams.  We both know the other person has dreams and both of us would do anything in the world to help the other achieve those dreams, its called support, and when we achieve those dreams... there will be more!  Life is an adventure and we chose to spend our adventure with each other, poor, rich, sick or healthy... its all just part of an adventure we are taking together!

Marriage is not the end of personal dreams and desires it is the beginning of a lifetime of support from someone who desires you to reach your dreams and rejoices with you when you are on the top of the mountain!

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  1. You Corrine are an inspiration for all wives. I agree with every word that you have said. I admire the strength and commitment that you and your husband have for your marriage. God has blessed us with husbands who are so great and we should strive to support them in all that they do.