Saturday, October 16, 2010

Things I love today!

There's so many things in this world that I take for granted, that I forget to share with everyone!

1. I love my husband! I love the fact that I get to wake up next to this amazing man everyday for the rest of our lives.  That I get to spend my days reaching for the goals we share and cherish every moment I get to spend making memories with him!

2.  I love my family! How greatly blessed I am to have two amazing parents who have always been the example of how I want to live my life.  Who have always put the family first and their love has never been hidden.  Who raised me and my brother to be individuals and to follow our dreams wherever those dreams may take us.  Who after 30+ years of marriage, still hold hands, walking side by side, content with who and what they have.

3.  I love Roxy! I know she's just a dog but she is our dog! I remember the first day Alex and I went to see her! She was so tiny and she fit in our palms! Then she looked up and kissed me and that was it, we were in love!

4. I love traveling and I love that I married someone who is ok with living in another country for a bit of time! (cant wait!) I love that we have our many adventures here but I am ready to experience other countries!

5.  I love who I am!  I am content with my life!

6. I love the future, for all the unknowns, the dreams that are yet to be, for the things that may or may not happen, and for all the things that we don't know but are out there for us!

7.  I love my Savior! I love that I serve a mighty God who is always on my side no matter what may come! I love that he saved me and my husband and that we were baptised together! I love that no matter what only the blood of Jesus saves us from our sins and that in that alone I can place all my trust in!

There's ton of other things I love and they are not in order by any means in order but just somethings I'm greatful for today!

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  1. & I love this blog. It's brightened up my day.

    Posts like this make you reflect and realise how lucky you are. :)