Monday, October 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

There is nothing better than being home.  I enjoyed the trip but missed my hubby and Roxy more than anything and theres just something about being home that is so relaxing!

We arrived in Oregon on Thursday afternoon.  Not a drive I would do again.  Thankfully traffic wasnt too bad the whole way there.  Seen one accident for 2300 miles (Semi over the mountain side) and am thankful we were kept safe throughout the trip.  My friend is official moved in to her new home and settling in nicely.

 I left Sunday morning from PDX at 6:20a and was home at CVG at 3:30p.  The flight was nice and relaxing.  I started reading a new book on the way "Tales of A Femal Nomad" by Rita Golden Gelman and its pretty interesting.  Definately makes me want to explore the world a little more!

If you want to see pics I will be updating the two blogs I posted along the trip with a few! (Never did figure out the camera thingy! Oh well, maybe next time!)

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