Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good Morning Nebraska!

Nebraska! You are beautiful! Much like Iowa... Filled with a lot of nothingness!  Corn, soy beans and sparsly spread farm houses!  Rather boring to drive through but pretty!  The sky is blue without a cloud in sight, perfectly perfect day for some more road trippin!

Yesterday was lovely and we made wonderful time! Covered Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and about an hour of Nebraska! Spent the night in a lovely suite in historic Lincoln! I was in bed by ten! Haha! After filling up on fantastic chinese from Egg Roll King! Yumm! If you are ever in Lincoln go there and stay at the Chase Suites! It was like home away from home complete with a kitchen and living room for under seventy dollars!

Hope you are having a great morning!

(pics to come later when i can figure out my gifted phone/comera!)

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