Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not my night!

Punched, swung at, yelled at, pinched, grabbed and karate chopped several times in a row.  Along with a blow out in my scrubs and rude coworkers that explains my lovely night at work.  I love helping people. "I love helping people" (had to repeat it just to make sure and yes I love helping people).  I however, do not enjoy any of the above mentioned things.  Healthcare, you are seriously in need of a huge revamp.. and I do not mean Free Healthcare in any means.  I mean better facilities for our aging population, whom I take care of and have few resources.  Like for instance... the one who kicked my butt last night.. (no kicking was involed) needs to be in a different facility! Hopefully one I will never work at! (Which I wont mention and I wont mention names! Thank you HIPPA!)  I then covered 2 halls for an hour because the other aide left at 6... no seriously this aide always leaves at 6!

I then came home, crawled into bed with my hubby. He got up out of bed and rubbed my feet! (He always does this but I really needed it this morning!)  I then told him about my lovely night... he got a little mad and was like what the heck... Awe! Sleep!  My hubby came home on lunch and kissed me and I was like eww you smell like BBQ Doritos! (My nose works really well and sometimes I just have to say what I think at the time) I then slept till 4:45pm!

Ahhhh, its a new day! Now that I'm completely questioning what to do with my life!? Maybe something thats not so physical!

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  1. Aww poor dear. What an awesome husband!! I hope today is better for you. Smile God loves you!!!