Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love notes

When my hubby and I first met a little over three years ago a wonderful love developed.  At that time we lived two hours apart.  He lived here in Cincinnati and I still lived at home with my parents about two hours north of my new boyfriend.  I loved him and I told him that before we officially were boyfriend/girlfriend (who really cares about labels anyways?!).  I was head over heals in love with this amazing man who turned my world upside down in a sense.  I really didn't know what love truly was until I met him and then I just knew!  As our relationship developed over weekends spent together either in Cincinnati or at my parents house Love letters would soon arrive in the mail to make the week days seem a little shorter in a sense.  I have a box full of cards and letters we sent to each other when our relationship was in its toddler stage and for a year and half into it.  Once we moved in together they seemed to stop all together.  Sad I know but we were seeing each other every day and love notes were not necessary to explain how we felt when we were apart, it was just a given.  I missed those love letter days for a period and then well I got used to living with a man I was in love with.  I could deal with the little OCD things he did (and still does) and I would give up everything I ever knew just to be with him so what if I didn't get love letters anymore. (It's amazing what love does to the body and soul.) 

As time went on, love letters slowly crept back into my life along with roses and lots of them.  Oh the days before we said I do... It was nice when he had extra money from his allowance to buy me roses!  Anyways, we are married now and the roses have sense disappeared due to it being our money and flowers only last a week or two and I would much rather spend our money on something that lasts, but love letters are cheap.  We have everything we need to write a special note to let the other person know exactly how we feel about each other, especially on days when we don't see each other at all!

This is the love note I came home to the other morning after work!
Very simple and basic and it definitely made my day!

Guess its time for me to write him a love note to make his day!

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  1. awwwwwww that is by far the sweetet thing I have read all week. So lovely. You have a keeper.