Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going with the flow...

My husband is the type of man who just goes with the flow, whatever happens happens and its no big deal.  I am the type who likes to have a plan, but I'm completely okay with last minute changes.  Tonight, for example... I made dinner, complete, that was the plan.  I them took the lid off and smelled it and that was that.  I just looked at my hubby and he said "want me to take you out?" (it's amazing how much he knows me). So I put the dinner I made into a container and in the fridge it went, I'm sure it will be ate at some point within the next few days, and off to dinner we went!

I then of course dragged him through some stores... my creative juices are flowing this week.  I have a week off from school and I am just so excited to finish up some projects on my to do list and stacked on the kitchen table. Such as clean and organize our closet. Sew some projects. Clean the carpets. Bag up our old clothes and take them to the donation box.  Clean spare bedroom.

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  1. Surprises like that are so sweet aren't they. He sounds like a really great guy!!