Monday, August 23, 2010

Giveaway Week 2!

   For this weeks giveaway I have decided to just do a random box of goodies from my top favorite stores...
Which includes: IKEA, Garden Ridge, Michaels and Hobby Lobby!

The box will include something from every store!

Three ways to enter this weeks giveaway, leave a comment for each entry:
1. Become a follow or already be one :)
2.  Tell me what your favorite store is.
3. Share the giveaway on your networking site of choice (blog, facebook, twitter, etc.) and tell me where you shared it.

The winner will be announced on Saturday August 28 :)

For week 3's giveaway I will be back to featuring an Etsy shop :)


  1. Following.... because you're great!!!

  2. Favorite store is Michaels. i can spend way too much time and money in that store!!

    I love crafts!!! they make awesome gifts

  3. I'm a follower & ahhhh I can't choose a favourite store...but I think I love Ikea the most!!