Friday, August 6, 2010

Changes please!

I'm so ready for some changes in my life
I'm ready to be done with college and have an awesome job as a nurse.
I'm ready to come home to "our" house and stop paying rent.
(I do believe rent is evil)
I'm ready for the in-laws to accept my marriage
(for almost a year... seriously... its been 11 months since they have seen their son)
I'm ready to have a regular schedule where I can actually spend time with my hubby.
I'm ready to hear the sound of little feet running around my (above mentioned) house.
I'm ready to go, do and share the love of Christ with nursing missions.
I'm ready to vacation in some exotic place with a beach.
I'm sure there are other changes I would make but for now my list is over.
On another note there's many things I am thankful for (too many to mention)... I think I'm just in a slump!

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