Monday, July 26, 2010

Slowww down?

When does life slow down?
When can I plan a vacation for us and know that we will be able to get away and have the extra money to go and not worry the whole time?
It seems like all we do is work and go to school,
then come home and do homework and of course sleep.
I can only fathom what it is like for people who have children, jobs and are continuing their education.
I'm sure everyone else has busy lifes and tons on their plates,
but I want just a week to spend alone with my hubby without any worries!

Our one year anniversary is coming up the first weekend of September!
I can't believe a year has went by so fast!
Maybe a getaway is in our near future??? (Maybe)

Now off to clinicals I go.... April/Graduation please hurry :) Thanks!

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