Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cluttered life

Life is truly complicated or maybe cluttered...
 as Im cleaning my house for my little party tomorrow,
 I'm realizing we own very little of value!
 We spend more money on food (that we end up throwing away!) and things that wont last past the next five years. 
Im sick!
I just filled up our large kitchen trash can twice with old food from our fridge alone!
Seriously?! How does this happen!
Oh wait I know... I get lazy and dont want to cook and the hubby readily offers a dinner out... Problem solved... not really... we spend more on that one meal we could have spent all week at Aldi for food!
So how do we get out of this awful habit?
 I cook, right, got that but what about all the other useless spending.
How do you not want the nicest newest "STUFF"? 
Our townhouse is full of stuff, that we will eventually have to throw away or move.
That seems crazy to me considering all the money we have spend on useless items.
We are working on changing our spending habits and it is rather difficult.
Our future hopefully will reach farther than five years and therefore we need to be prepared for that future.  I know money isnt everything but being able to buy what you would like without worrying about what will happen tomorrow will be rather nice and I dont know anyone who wouldnt want that.

So here's to saving more or investing more and less "lazy" spending :)

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