Sunday, May 2, 2010

Losing loved ones

Losing a loved one is by the hardest thing I think we have to go through during our journey here are earth.
The moment where your whole body hurts with pain, questions, and the realization
that they are gone.
Then there are the moment of gladness that they are no longer suffering, in pain or
missing their loved ones that had gone on before.
I don't think there will ever be a day where I do not miss my lovely grandma,
nor do I think there will be a day that I will truly understand God's plan in this all
but I know she has gone on and that I will see her again.
I will always miss her but a part of her is in me...
in all of my family.
her comments, the memories she made, and the journey she enjoyed here
It is one of the most difficult things I have gone through.
I didn't always see eye to eye with my grandma but she was one of the few people who knew me,
really knew me...
I was allowed to be opinionated during our conversations and didnt have to feel guilty for disagreeing.
She is part of the reason I have never been a go with the popular groud people.
I love that she taught me so much and I am so thankful for all the memories we shared.

I would love to say that I will never have to go through this again but that would be false reassurance.
We all lose people we love and the only relationship we have that is guarnteed never to be lost
is the one with our Savior.
He is the one who gives me the strength to get up and live
to be thankful for what was here and the memories made
and to know someday we will meet again!

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