Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Joys of a rather boring life!

So my hubby and I have begun the journey of TTC and I have decided it's rather stressful! I dont know why we decided it was time to try to make our family a little larger but we did and so that is that.  I know that I cant wait to have a baby and I know he is excited about it as well, but I think the more pressure we put on the fact the harder it seems.  Maybe thats just all crazy nonsense but I think extra stress plays a huge part in that... we have a rather boring life so I dont know why it seems to be so stressful lately.  We have tons of fun moments and that seems to help with the stress and we enjoy each others company :) but we both feel the time is right! :) We even have names picked out! :) Exciting!!!!!

Now on to other "boring" things in our life that brings us Joy!