Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Less than a year to go!

So I am officially halfway through another term of school with less than a year to go! I am so ready to just be done with it for a while! I cant wait to work and actually get to come home and spend time with my hubby, rather than work all day and then head to school! Its hard work but Im sure it will pay off in the end and having less than a year to go is super exciting! Alex starts his classes next week so I wont feel so guilty about being at school all evening at least he will be doing something as well!

On another note... I am so thankful my hubby is feeling better... he scared me! However, since we have been married almost 8 months... we both have been terribly sick! We made it through that and with flying colors I might add... He held my hand when I was getting an IV and I made him soup! The joys of being married :) I love it!

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