Saturday, April 24, 2010

As long as I can remember...

As far back as I can remember and Im sure before that my grandma Alice has been a part of my life.  From playing in the river when we were learning to swim to the arguements during adolescence, to her hugging me on my wedding day.  I remember her always being there and as hard as it is to realize but those memories that I hoped she would continue to be a part of for years to come is coming to an end.  I will no longer be able to sit and talk with her.  Hear her tell me about a book I should read or a chick flick I should see.  All those times she talked and I didnt really listen now hurt as they might have been something important I missed.  Now she lays in a hospital bed barely holding on, she's been poked and prodded for two weeks then to come home and be put on hospice.  Hard to imagine 4 weeks ago she bought a golf cart so she could get around outside and now she wont be able to enjoy it all because a doctor made an error.  Somehow through all that I feel at peace, through God's strength alone, I am at peace.  I love my grandma dearly and I know she loved me just the same.  I will miss her terribly as will everyone else in my family.  Please keep praying for her that she wont be in pain and that the family will be at peace as well.

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