Friday, April 16, 2010

Takin a break!

Everything has been so hectic lately, luckily I have had the week off from school for the most part and that has helped a little.  Between spending the night at the hospital with grandma in icu and being sick, I cant wait to just relax with my husband for a little bit! We have set aside a whole day to do just that, however, I do plan of suprising him with a movie that he has been wanting to see!  He has been so wonderful this week between staying up late so I could talk to him while I spent the night in the hospital with grandma to taking care of me when I am sick.  He also made dinner 3 times this week because I was sick! He is the best ever! I cant wait to have kids with him, I know he will be an amazing father! He is such a wonderful man!

I plan on spending today on the couch.  Trying to get over this sinus infection as a result from crazy allergies! UGH! I may try to get some homework done for next week too if I get the energy, but we will see!

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