Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life filled w/mini adventures... and whatever else!

Its been a while since I have updated this.  Life is so busy anymore.  Though working part time has greatly improved my grades in school, I dont really have extra time to do any blogging... but here I am today!

Our Mini-Adventure!
Alex and I went out of town on Friday for some much needed fun and time together.  We met my parents in Louisville for the 2010 Mid-America Truck Show.  My parents have taken our family since we were just toddlers, and Alex and I have went the past two years together with my parents.  I love that its something I can do with my family and Alex enjoys it too! This was the first year that he actually got to go inside a Semi and needless to say I think he was very suprised and impressed!  Other than that it was just fun to be together and get free stuff!
Followed by a yummy lunch a the famous KingFish by the River!
We then headed home... I slept most of the way while poor Alex drove :)

On another note.
I can't wait for this term to be over with! We have 5 more to go but this one just seems to be dragging!
Filled with unneccessary drama hasn't helped.
Only eight days left!
Followed by a week off!!

Well I should get back to my wifely duties... Spring cleaning, washing windows, laundry, planning meals, and whatever else randomly pops up! Life is great and I wouldnt change a thing! :)

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