Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Wonderful Hubby!

I think sometimes, I don't give my husband enough credit!
I have to share this with all you wonderful people who read my blog.

My husband is an amazing man!
He loves me for who I am,
and when I fail,
when I succeed... He always loves me!
He tells me I'm awesome when I suck, and beautiful when I first wake up!
He holds me tight when Im crying or upset.
He stares in my eyes and knows just what Im thinking!
When I ask him what I want, He knows...
Every time... it's scary but I love it!
He rubs my feet every night before we go to sleep.
Cuddles with me at 5 am before I have to get up for work!
He helps me study and get my homework done,
and plans special outtings just for fun!
He's amazing in every single way!
I am so thankful for him every day,
 and I fall more and more in love with him every second of everyday!

I used to think I would never find a man as wonderful as him! He is everything I ever prayed for and dreamt of before I had him in my life! I think every woman has been with a not so pleasant person and through that we think we will never find the one who becomes our everything but I know that everyone has someone out there for them! Perfect for you, just as I found the one (or he found me) who was perfect for me!  Don't give up and always guard your heart so "the one" doesnt have to heal it before he can have it or always be paying for the guy before!

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