Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lazy Days

It always seems that when I have a day off, Alex does not.  I can deal with it when I have homework or something to do but when I have nothing to do its rather agitating to spend my whole day off alone without my hubby! Since thats not a reality today I have managed to post two craft blogs and this one.  Which is pretty good since I've been off all week from school and havent managed to accomplish much other than catching a dreaded sinus infection and feeling like crap!  A box of kleenex and a lot of sleep later, I'm still not one hundred percent better!  Hopefully soon!  I think I catch anything and everything I possibly can from work! Thats just one of the many joys of working in healthcare!

On another note we are semi snowed in! I wish we were completely snowed in so Alex could have called in today, but since thats not the case, Roxy and I spent a lazy day inside!
Watching old movies on TV!
Eating popcorn!
Drinking Hot Green Tea!
(Seems to help with the sinus issues)
Spaghetti for dinner with my love when he came home on lunch break!
(The joy of him working ten minutes from home!)

Maybe later the hubs and I will go see Dear John but then again maybe not! Who knows!

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