Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cooking Fun

The other night Alex helped me make cookies to give to special someones we love for Valentine's Day!  We had so much fun! Some of the cookies came out really burnt and ugly but we had a blast baking and decorating them together! Not only did we get to do something together but it was just nice to spend some quality time together without distractions, other than the pup right under our feet or jumping up and down a bizillion times hoping mommy and daddy would drop her a tasty treat! 

 Alex is getting better at the cooking thing and his decorating skills are improving but I have to give him kudos because he sure can be cute! What wife could resist burnt cookies decorated to say I "heart" U?!
I promise every day I love him a little bit more than the day before!
(Yeah, I know pathetic Newlywed-- heard it before but it's true).

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